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You are invited to audition!

By Tom Quiner

audition poster

Is there an easy way to evangelize our Christian faith? One of the best ways is to simply share our stories of faith. That’s what Jesus did in his straightforward, but rich parables.

Sometimes, it is sharing our own, personal story.

Sometimes, it is sharing scripture.

Here’s another way: reenact scripture in a dramatic, theatrical presentation. And for good measure, add in great music.

Well, that is exactly what we are doing in THE FIRE AND THE MERCY, The Pentecost Musical. If you live in the greater Des Moines area and love theater and music, this is your chance to do some important evangelizing.

Please consider auditioning on February 14th. Put your God-given talent into use to touch and inspire a world that is hungry for inspiration. You’ll find details on the poster above.