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Great auditions!

By Tom Quiner


Writing the music is the easy part.

I wrote THE FIRE AND THE MERCY, The Pentecost Musical in about three months. I was truly on fire. I ran into few roadblocks. It practically wrote itself, which suggests that the Holy Spirit was an active participant in the project.

I try to write my musicals in sequence.

I remember sitting down to start this project, which begins with the Psalm St. Peter invokes in the second chapter of the Acts of the Apostles (“Lord, you will show us the path to life). I remembered that I had set the same psalm to music for Catholic liturgy a decade earlier.

I dusted it off, updated a few parts, and used its chord structure as the foundation for the rest of the musical.

For the most part, I write the music first to express the feeling of a particular scene. Then I go back and write the lyrics. When I’m satisfied, I move on to the next song.

THE FIRE AND THE MERCY consists of 9 songs and spoken dialogue, and should run about 45 minutes.

The hard part of a project like this is the production end of things. It’s hard because there are a lot of moving parts: finding the right directors and cast; finding venues who want to host performances; securing rehearsal space; raising money to fund the project; creating costumes, sets, programs; hiring sound and light professionals; setting up websites and online ticket sales … oh, and rehearsals.

And it is all so fun.

Last night’s first round of auditions went great. I am truly gratified at the wonderful turnout of talent. We hope to have the show cast by next weekend.

Check back … and spread the word. Tell your friends to visit on a regular basis.