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Fire and Mercy Crossword Puzzle

You will find the puzzle on the last page of your program.

Crossword Answers


4. Language of Jesus? ARAMAIC

9. Would have made a terrible realtor. ANANIAS

10. St. Peter’s favorite meal?  FRIEDFISH

11 How Spirit-drenched men act. DRUNK

13.  Language in which Acts of the Apostles was written.  GREEK

14. Language of Jesus?  LOVE

15. Locale of the first Sorrowful Mystery.  GETHSEMANE

17. Daughter of St.Anne. MARY

19. Demon-possessed sinner turned Saint.  MAGDALENE

20. Psalm prayed by St. Paul on the day of Pentecost.  SIXTEEN

22. First Deacon of the Church.  STEPHEN

23. Short order cook on the shores of the Sea of Tiberius?  JESUS

26. Recipient of letters from Luke. THEOPHILUS

28. Only Gentile to write a book of the Bible.   LUKE

29. Jewish assembly that put Jesus on trial. SANHEDRIN 

32. From Easter to Pentecost.  FIFTYDAYS 

35. Town near the spot from which Jesus ascended into Heaven. BETHANY 

36. He gave up. JUDAS

38. Woman spoken of in Revelation 12:1.  QUEENOFHEAVEN

40. Person to whom Acts of the Apostles was written. THEOPHILUS

41. Location of the Garden of Eden? FERTILECRESCENT

42. Non synoptic.  GOSPELOFJOHN

43. Blame it on Eve? ORIGINALSIN


1. It lifted Jesus up into heaven.  ACLOUD

2. Brother. BRETHREN

3. Jewish faction that believed in reward and punishment in the afterlife.  PHARISEES

5.  “Let theater become ______” (JPII quote).   CHURCH

6. The beloved disciple?  JOHN

7 Saintly man who helped execute St. Stephen.  SAUL

8. Disciple by lot.   MATTHIAS

12. Command given by Jesus in Luke 6:36.  BEMERCIFUL

14. The path to which we’re led by the Lord.  LIFE

16. “Lord, you will show us the path to ______”.  LIFE

18. Judged Jesus harshly.  ANNAS

21. Old Testament book Jesus quoted the most.  PSALMS

22. Jewish aristocrats that rejected life after death.  SADDUCEES

24. Composer of many hits.  KINGDAVID

25. St. Stephen’s final prayer before martyrdom.  FORGIVETHEM

27. The movement of love?  HOLYSPIRIT

28. What God has given us, according to the first Pope.   LIVINGHOPE

30.  Number of souls baptized on Pentecost.  THREETHOUSAND

31. Old Testament book Jesus quoted second most.  DEUTERONOMY

33. Akeldama.  FIELDOFBLOOD

34. Betrayed his best friend, but didn’t give up.  PETER

37. Writer of the first Gospel.  MARK

39. Pentecost sound effect?  WHOOSH