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Reviews of Previous Productions…

“The story was very meaningful and the players gave outstanding performances. Voices were powerful! I liked the way it brings the Bible up close and personal.” SANTINA STANFEL

“Very talented ensemble! Beautiful venue. Everyone seemed so natural, and so talented! A very unique way to spread the Word of the Lord. Appeals to the masses.” MARTHA RHOADES

“Very inspiring, heartfelt, thoughtful. Vocals were great, choreography as well.” TOM CARPENTER

“We greatly enjoyed our evening! It’s almost as if God must have made this just for us. Sitting there with my daughter and future son-in-law, it seemed so appropriate, a warm up for their wedding! This is a great way to gather as a community and be reminded of the importance of marriage and the wonderful reality of God!” DAVE HARVEY

“I was spellbound! [The Wedding at Cana] brings you closer to the Lord and Mary.” JOAN HARKIN

“Well done!  It is great having quality Catholic productions.  I hope you are able to take it beyond Iowa.”  SUE OEHLERKING

“It was an excellent production!”  PEG JACOBSON

“This production exceeded expectations.  It was beautifully done, very enjoyable.  Thank-you.  The actors/actresses really suited their parts.  Costumes were spot on.”  FRANCIS M. ALI

 “Beautiful singing and performance!  Loved your costumes.  Conveyed the period well!  Wonderful dinner, too!  Delish!”  NANCY KUENAN

“Great learning experience.”  PAT TAYLOR

“Very beautiful music and costumes.  Great way for children to learn the Bible stories.”  S. SODEN

“It was very good and I loved the dancing.  It was the best musical ever.  It was awesome!”  ASHLEY (12 years old)

“We thought it was fabulous!”  SHERYL VAN HOUTEN

“It was very well done and the music was exceptional.  Brings the Gospel alive.”  MARY MINKS

“The cast did an amazing job!  That they were passionate of God’s love was apparent throughout the performance.  Keep doing what you’re doing!”  KAELA SMITH

“I had heard rave reviews about ‘The Wedding at Cana’ from others, and I must say that what I heard was true.  Great job by all.  I liked the entire show and was fascinated by all the concurrent acting.  It told a great Biblical story in a very unique way.  It was a great event … I hope you can bring it to others.”  BOB MYERS

“Beautiful flow of music.  Very entertaining and enjoyable.”  PATTY JAHNKE

“This was an extraordinary experience.  I have read the Wedding Feast many times, but never thought of it as a musical.  Superb!  I think all people should experience the beauty I saw and heard tonight.”  SANDRA ROUSE

“Marvelous!  Very professional.”  LYNN PIERCE

“We enjoyed how you started the musical in today’s time and then took us back to Cana, and then back again!  You bring the Gospel to life in a very intimate way with the audience as wedding guests.  Enjoyed the interaction with the audience.  It is a casual dinner theater setting which allows the message to be shared with everyone, rich or poor, with no pretense, just as it should be.”  BILL EHM

“Beautiful music!  Heartwarming and beautifully true!  Good costumes, great cast.  This show points to and reveals the Good, the True, and the Beautiful!  Thank-you!”  COLLEEN CAREY

“It was so good, I would suggest making it longer!  Musical evangelization is a great platform.”  MIKE TRIMBLE

“I was blown away by the quality of voices!  A truly beautiful production that carried me away with you to Cana.  I was teary-eyed and joy-filled and grateful to have been here.  It makes a home in your heart for that time and space.”  MELODY TANINIES

“What I loved most was the positive energy from the cast.  They really looked as if they were enjoying themselves which made the audience have fun. Good community & great message!”  MARY CLINGAN

“The songs tied into the Rosary … I loved the music!  This is so well done that others need the chance to experience it.”  JULI LEONETTI

“I liked the whole idea of presenting the Gospel in a very artistic way.  Did a nice job of presenting and socializing afterwards.”  CAROLYN CHLEBORAD

“It was wonderful!”  MARY OSBORN

“Very professional … just the right amount of time.  It’s another good means of grace for Rosary meditations on the second mystery of light.”  MARY STICKLEN

“This performance brings such joy to our world and to the Sacrament of Marriage.  I couldn’t stop smiling as I thought about the presence of Jesus and Mary at a a wedding of special people in our lives.  Loved it all!  Keep doing what you are doing.  Bring God to us through music.  We need beautiful music and the reminder to the world that God is present.”  SHARON WILLIAMSON

“Emotional.  Inspiring.  Awesome!  Good length, too.  Mary and Jesus entering the scene singing gave me goosebumps and almost tears of joy!”  MADELINE MEYER

“Felt as if I was there.  Easy to understand every word sung.  Expressive faces, I felt honored when Mary and Jesus walked into the celebration.  Great social event!  TERESA DAYTON

“It is a new way to appreciate the gospel message.”  MARTHA KAHLE

“Loved the whole idea of hearing the Word through the arts!  Have always been a theater fan.  Give us more!  Make it longer!  Thank-you!!  What a wonderful way to celebrate the story.”  DEB  IVIS

“The Wedding at Cana gave a timeless story a great voice.  The emphasis on holiness of the sacrament of marriage was brought to life by wonderful music and a standout cast of all ages.  The music/vocalists/costumes were all spot-on.  Loved the harmony line.  Wonderful time for reflecting on marriage and parish community-building.”  SONIA VALDEZ

“We thought it was a wonderful performance.  We loved the simplicity of it.  It is wonderful to have something faith-filled to attend.”  JULEEN MC GRATH

“I was pleasantly surprised at the total experience of this presentation.  Well-organized, well-sung, and good movement to keep it lively.”  HUGH MC COLL


“Music was fabulous!  Storyline was true to the Bible.  A very uplifting religious experience.”  STEVE CRAIG

“It was more than I expected ‘in a good way.’  Great portrayal of the Gospel story.  Great spiritual experience. (We renewed vows in Cana three weeks ago!)”  RICK & SANDY HOENIG

“Well done, very strong voices.”  BERNIECE WITRY

“I really liked the musical.  The cast was very energetic!  Loved it when Jesus & Mary sang.”  SHANNON GLASER

“This was a wonderful production.  So well-presented and beautifully done.  God must be very pleased.  Everyone needs to experience and see it.”  MARY NELL CARPENTER

“Hail Holy Queen prayer at the end of the Rosary will never the same.  I’ll want to sing!  Beautiful voices, great portrayal of marriage as a gift from God.”  SHARON DREYER

“Overall, a wonderful experience.  The cast and all of the sets are very nice.  I recommend this show to allow more people need to experience and encourage Catholic arts.”  GENE MC KELVEY

“I loved all of it, especially the emotion in the voices of the characters.  The dinner enhanced the play.”  PEGGY


“Wonderful production, well done, the music was beautiful.  It was like we were at the wedding in the day.  The flow of the music, song to song, kept you wanting to be part of it.  Very well choreographed with passionate music.”  KRAIG KLOPFENSTEIN

“The vocals, ensemble, and lead characters gathering together managed to create quite an interesting show.  I didn’t expect such a great show from Catholic dinner theater, but it all turned out great.”  FAITH SOLINGER

“So very enjoyable.  I loved the music!  Visually beautiful and engaging.  I also really loved the lighting, costumes, and setting.  Very well done.  So enjoyable to bring people in and bring scripture stories to life.”  TRICIA GALLIGAN

“I wanted to offer my congratulations and tell you what a wonderful performance the Wedding at Cana was.  The instrumentals and the vocal talents were so very good!  Thank you!  Keep up the great work and God Bless!  MARK MC CURDY

“Every wedding should be like this!”  THERESA QUINER

“My wife and I invited a couple of new friends to enjoy ‘The Wedding’ with us. It was such a positive experience to form friendships based on substance. Since then, we have seen an increase in our friends’ interest toward the faith and deepening their relationship with God.” LEE BURLESON

“Catholic dinner theater: A great concept for your local parishes to enjoy.  A special way to involve your community.

You know you read about stories in the bible about our faith, but to see a piece of it come to life is a visual treat. 

It offers a new dimension for all to enjoy and connect with a piece of our faith.


These kind of projects are fulfilling for, not only the audience, but for those involved with the production as well.

And the fact that it involves local parish members and people of all denominations coming together to share this message is an extra added bonus.

Art is beautiful in all its splendor…..especially when conveying it in live theater!  It grabs you and takes you on a glorious journey.”  GINA GEDLER, DIRECTOR of THE WEDDING AT CANA

“It was wonderful.  Nice to see local talents, wonderful talents.  We can have more of this.  It is inspiring, spiritually motivating.  Instead of watching movies, we can have theater from scripture.”  BETH BOLTRON

“Very good expression of joy.  What a great story put to great music!  Good to see a portrayal of the Gospel in art.”  SUSIE SEVERINO

“Very moving.  Excellent talent.  Intimate performance. Felt very involved.  Great community building.”  MARY MATHIS

“Everyone was wonderful.  Worth coming again, because we are experiencing our faith.”  MARY WONDERLIN

“Make the music available on iTunes so I can buy it!”  KENNEDY BROWN

“The message is relevant and well-presented.  Wonderful performance.  Very talented musicians.  Great music.”  BRUCE MEHLHOP

“The voices are amazing!  Cute costumes too!  I love the bride’s dress!  The music flows very well.  Very relaxed and great food!  I bet more people would love to see this!  This can get younger people involved!  Inspiring!”  HANNAH MC CLATCHEY

“I enjoyed the show!  I think the message of the show was top notch and would recommend every Catholic be educated by its sentiments.  Love the pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-spirituality message that was interwoven through the whole production.”  GENEVEVE LORADITCH

“A well-paced production.  What did I like best?  Well, that it existed to begin with is incredible.  There is really nothing like this.  Hope to see more Catholic Dinner Theater.  It is entertaining and wonderful and thought-provoking all in one.”  JASON KESSLER

“Sharpens spiritual interpretation and reflection.”  CLINT ROYSTON

“Beautiful music.  Its refreshing to see Catholics embracing their faith through art.  Singing is praying twice!  Catchy, entertaining, and what a ‘noble purpose’!  Faith should be celebrated, what better way to celebrate than singing and dancing!”  DANE VAN BROCKLIN

“This musical surpassed my expectations.  What a wonderful thing to watch develop & unfold!  Thank-you!”  MICHELLE BRUCK

“Superb!  We need more of this in our parish!!!  It is very uplifting to searching souls.”  LETTY BOLTRON

“The words were spirit-filled.  We thought it was beautiful.  Uplifting & happy!”  SEWELL BRUNER

“It was wonderful!  Very inspiring and creative the way you made the comparison of Jesus and His Bride, the Church, to the young bride and groom.  Loved it!”  Kris N.

“Wonderful performance!!  Would recommend to friends and family.”  BO BISHOP

“Loved all the beautiful music.  Wonderful singers with fantastic voices.  Good Catholic/Christian message.”  JOAN HUSS